Leaving Koh Kood


Today I leave my new home and restart the journey! A difficult moment full of emotions!

After cycling from Austria to Thailand I ended up in Koh Kood in October 2012. Here I started my diving career as a total beginner. I  learned everything about diving, became a Divemaster and worked in two different dive centres.

I learned to love this green island which is called a paradise by most of the Tourists I met. My colleges became so close friends that they feel like a family. Here on Koh Kood  I seperated from my long term travelling partner Gerd because our plans developed into different directions.

My mother came to visit me for severals weeks as I did not see her since May 2012. Also my best friend Sophie was here for two times.

On Koh Kood I had a social network around me, work and a home. Living on an island is like in a small village. Everybody knows everbody and everything. Rumors everywhere and quite a few crazy things happened. But dominating for me was joy, friendship and the satisfaction of loving the work I do.

My life got a push into a new direction. Now I am not only a bicyle traveller any more. My new vision is to travel around the world by bicylce, stopping on places I like to work as a Divemaster. Exploring the world by bike and the under water world by scuba gear. For me that sounds like an amazing combination!

But still… It is so hard to leave! Yesterday I revisited all the places I had a connection to. Marina and I raced around the island to finally make fotos and bid farewell. In the evening I sit together with my colleges from BB-Divers on the beach before I started to a more that 2 hours night dive with my best friends. After midnight we had dinner together and ended up sleeping all 4 in one bed as nobody wanted to go to the bar any more as it was planned originally.

Now I sit infront of Lorenas house where I spent so many joyfull afternoons and evenings. Half a year went by so fast on Koh Kood…

But now feet are itching and my mind is keen on new challenges!

It is time to make a big change. With a great sadness I leave this home. But curiosity pushes me foreward and the world is waiting for me.

Take the bike and hit the road again!!!




One thought on “Leaving Koh Kood

  1. Hallo Astrid!

    Ich wünsche dir alles Gute auf deiner Tour. Du wirst wieder viele tolle Dinge erleben, ich hoffe, dass sich die Anzahl der Abenteuer in Grenzen halten wird.
    Machs gut und pass auf dich auf.

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