Back in crazy Bangkok

On my first day in Bangkok, my friend Marina took me on the motorbike to the Immigration Police, the bike shop and many other places. After 6 month on a remote and peaceful island Bangkok seemed to be other space! The highways, shopping malls and traffic like crazy paralysed me!

I stayed at Marinas and Danis home for one week. They live in a beautiful appartment in a residental neighbourhood.  In the courtyard there is a 100m long pool, a gym, sauna and steambath. First time since long that I enjoyed the luxury of a warm shower and a washing machine. I felt like in a five star resort! Thank you for your hospitality, my friends!!!

Marina and Dani live in Bangkok for a few months since Dani joined the Ayutthaya FC as a professional soccer player. When Dani and his team played a match I had the chance to be in a football stadium for the first time of my life! Exiting atmosphere!
After my first shock about beeing in Bangkok was over I took my bicyle and enjoyed to be in the middle of the chaos. Bangkok is a great city for cyclists! Just follow the motorbikes when they squezze their way through the taffic jam, ignore any signs and understand red traffic lights maximum as recommendations!

Bangkok is pure chaos and a gigantic mixture of pomposity, traffic and quiet corners. Irrespective of the area you can buy food everywhere and at any time on the streets.

After my time together with Dani and Marina I moved back to the very centre of Bangkok to spend some days together with Gerd. So I am back in room number 9 of FF Guesthouse like half a year ago before I left to Koh Kood. But even though I like Bangkok I wont have nostalgic feelings when I will leave the city in tomorrow. Cities never make the same deep impression to me as natural evironments. Therefore I am keen on being on the road again! Let the adventure beginn!


2 thoughts on “Back in crazy Bangkok

  1. Hallo Astrid! Pass auf dich auf. Aber du machst deinen Weg. Wohin geht die Reise nun? Ich verfolge Dein Trip mit Gerd von Anfang an. Gerd Plan ist bekannt. Aber bei dir?
    Viele liebe Grüße aus München Corinne

    • Hallo Corinne,
      Ich weiss, dass du und Christian von Anfang an “dabei seid”!
      Bei mir steht noch Malaysien, Indonesien und der Tauchlehrerschein am Programm. Dazwischen mal arbeiten und dann irgendwann nach Suedamerika…
      Viele Gruesse aus Thailand

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