Beaches, temples and a fellow traveller

Cycling in the South of Thailand was great! I followed the coast line and was extremly surprised that there were no tourists at all. I was a bit worried that there would be one resort after another and touristic infrastructure everywhere. But nothing… They seem to be on the islands!

On my way South I enjoyed the friendlyness and welcoming atmosphere of the Thai people. Once I was on a remote street along palmoil and rubber plantages when an old man on a scooter overtook and stopped me. He bought a Thai ice cream for me and left. While I slowly ate it I observed the women preparing many more ice creams. For that she put a block of frozen water into a mill. The crunched ice she pressed into a bowl with colourful jelly. On top of that she put sweetened milk and strawberry sirup.
When I almost finished my ice a bicycle traveller passed by. It was Theo from Holland and of course he stopped for a chat. Immediatly we liked each other and so we decided to cycle together for a while. With him I made a new experiance: Staying over night in buddhistic temples!

In the evening we approached to a Wat and just asked for a place to sleep. Either they offer a room or let you sleep directly inside the temple. The atmosphere is extreamly peaceful!
In the morning I wake up by the gong and later breakfast is offered which the monks collected from the people in the streets at sunset. A great start into a new day!

Also we came to the sea several times and I always have to enter the water. It is so hot and humid at the moment! Every day far beyond 40°C up to 46°C. Theo and I suffered a bit.
But we had a great time together!

Close to the Malaysian border we seperated and I am heading to the East coast now. I am exited to enter a new country after I stayed in Thailand since August 2013. I am curious of the people, the food, the culture, the language…


One thought on “Beaches, temples and a fellow traveller

  1. Hi, Astrid !
    I am happy that you enjoy your trip so much. Last time I went to Malaysia, I rode down the east coast to Kotha baru, one of my best trips.
    I even was invited by Thai people, as you have been in Chumphon, although I am not a beautiful girl…
    Best wishes !

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