More than hospitality

After my junge adventures I was very exhausted, dirty, sticky and my clothes where in rages. One screw on my bicycle destroyed my trousers and I decided to cut the screw. So I went to a car workshop close to Jeli and asked them for that. They did and also invited me to their house.

I had an amazing time with this family! Aidy – now my little Malaysian brother – is the only one speaking English but he was nonstop talking and translating.  Umi, the mother prepared amazing amounts of food for me and hungry as I was from the last few days I ate it all. We went to a cave together, to the bazar and to swim in a river. They introduced me to all relatives living nearby. Also many of them came together every evening for a chat during the sun went down. So I met many aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and friends. All of them absolutely lovely. I felt undescribable welcome and warm with Aidy and his family. They also tought me a lot about Malaysia. How to wear a sarong, how to eat with the hand, a bit of the language. They repaired my trousers, gave me new trousers too,  a sarong and all their love.

When I left on the third day everybody gave me a big hug and some almost cried. Me too.
I hope to come back one day to see you again!


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