Holiday in Yogyakarta

In Yogyakarta Theo and I decided to treat ourselves with a bit of luxury. Theo has been here several times before and knew places to go. Our hotel had a big garden with a swimming pool. Beside breakfast we got an afternoon snack there. It was an Asian portion not more than a bite. Still it gave be the feeling of being looked after.
Whenever asked Theo and I pretended to be married and at one point we almost started to believe it ourselves. We spent a great week in Yogyakarta, walked over lava stone fields at the close by volcano Mount Merapi. We rent a motorbike to drive through the scenic landscape, trying hard to ignore the crazy traffic. We visited Borobudur, an ancient Buddhist monument which is surrounded by mountains and rice fields. At the close by Hindu monument Prambanan we saw a ballet in a huge open air stage during the night. In Yogyakarta itself we visited the palace, the water temple, the markets and tried all different kind of sweets. Evenings we spend in the magic shadow puppet shows. Time fly when you are happy
Soon our time on Java would be over. Tired of the struggle on the roads we searched for alternative ways of transport. This time we managed to get the bicycles on the train. After a night walking through Surabaya to find a place to sleep for our stopover night we came directly to the East end of Java. We missed a lot of areas what we originally wanted to see. But more important for us was not to miss the time we had together.


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