Bali is the most touristic island in Indonesia. I was curious about this island as I have heard a lot about it. Theo and I spend some days cycling along the North and East coast. Sometimes we passed places with interesting spots for scuba diving. There developed a whole infrastructure of shops, guesthouses, restaurants and divecentres. For the rest of the way we cycled through small villages and along the coast. We got the same overwhelming attention as every where else in Indonesia. Sometimes we went out snorkeling and I got exiting about diving soon again. We spend some relaxed days in Ubud. There we walked along the rice fields and talked a lot. I found a place to store my bicycle and Theo got a box for his as he would fly back home soon. On Theos birthday we saw a Balinese dancing show and had a romantic dinner. Next day I was supposed to fly to Kuala Lumpur alone. As he could not extend his Indonesian visa Theo joined me for two days. Our time in Bali was not as free and easy as usually. Emotions directed our conversations and our mind was far too often at our farewell…


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