Falling deep

Our two days in Kuala Lumpur were quite enjoyable. I love Little India, where Theo and I used to have lunch. We ate several kilogram of mangosteen, our favourit fruit and walked through a city which feels like my home already. I really like KL!
On the main bus station it was time to say goodbye. Theo was on the way back to Bali, I would head to Mersing and further to Tioman island. It felt surreal after we spent so much time together and came so close. On the over night bus I could not sleep even though I was deeply tired. To many things crossed my head and my heart was suffering. I looked forward to find a temporary home on Tioman again. Have some rest and enjoyable days before I would start with my training to become a dive instructor. After four hours on the bus I finally fell asleep hugging my handlebar bag, Must have been like coma. When I woke up I was the last person on the bus. It was about 4am and we have arrived to Mersing a while ago. My handlebar bag with money, visa card, passport and even my glasses was gone.
I felt like totally loosing control of my life. Theo was gone, my passport was gone, my bicycle in another country. My intensive training should start in a few days. I stood in the middle of the night on a bus station of a small town. I had no address to go and not even one coin in my pocket.
I was surprised how logic and calm I organized my next steps. The fear, desperate and isolated feeling came later. It took a month until I started to relax, more than two months until I had a passport again.


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