Life on Tioman island – Becoming a instructor

One day after my misery the most important things were sorted out. I feel deeply thankful for the support I got. There is always a way… I could sleep in Adams backbackers hostel for free and the warmhearted owners became friends of me. On the police station the officers were helpful as well. Some people gave me money. Just enough to buy new glasses and a ferry ticket to Tioman.
With absolutly no money in my pocket, no passport and a big stone on my chest I felt like an alien between the happy tourists. Just hoped that the agreement with the dive centre would work out. It did! Next day I started to prepare for the IDC (instructur development course) which started a few days later. B&J diving centre is way bigger than where I worked in Thailand and the whole team was busy. The training was quite intensive and I postponed a few things I should have taken care of. That gave me a bad feeling but I just could not deal with everything at the same time.
The IDC was well organized and I came along quite well with my colleges. Together we studied, prepared, trained and discussed for almost two weeks. We were an international team. Australia, China, Hongkong, France, Malaysia, England and Austria.
I was surprised how much theory was covered about management, business and marketing. We made a lot of presentations, had role plays on land and unter water. Many hours we spent kneeling on the ground of the pool or the sea to repeat skills and spot potential problems. The trainers put the bar high. The two days of thenexam were no problem in the end. Faster than I realized the IDC was over and I became a scuba instructor. I was tired, happy and proud.


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