Life on Tioman Island – Down in the blue world

Directly after I passed the Instructor Exam I started to work. In the beginn it challenged me a lot. Well… it still does quite often, but experiance and routine are taking over. I saw a lot of funny, weird and unbelievable situations. I’m impressed how some of my students develope from almost non-swimer to scuba diver within 3 or 4 days. The house reef where I do the majority of the dives I know entirely by heart. The many reefs we visit by boat still have some potential to be explored and I’m exited every time I bring my students out there. Corrals, sharks, nudibranches, pufferfishes, lobsters, stingrays, turtels, cuttlefishes and much more is to see. several wrecks are to explore and some dive sites have a variety of adventurous swim throughs.
My days off I spent on diving as well! 🙂 Life is simply beautiful if you do what you love. In the morning I walk barefoot over the small road to the dive centre – the ocean on one side, jungle on the other. The students are mostly in a good mood. They are on holiday and want to make the best out of their time here. If the customers stay longer than just a few days some of them become friends. Otherwise we just share the intensive time under water. I learn as much from my students as they learn from me. Afterwards I can certify almost all of them and it’s a pleasure to see their huge smiles and shiney eyes…


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