Get the net

Since a few months I work allready as Instructor on Tioman island. In August and September the whole crew of B&J Diving Centre was very busy. The reefs around Tioman Island are colourful coral gardens full of life. We frequently see turtles, sharks, scorpionfishes and sea snakes. Stingrays, cuttlefishes and morey eals are every day sights. Even though I observed lots of trigger fish I luckily was attacked only once.
The reefs are our office, the prettiest work place in the world!!!
One day I was diving at Labas with my Junior Open Water student and her parents. We explored the reef when we came acrossca huge draft net in 10m depth. It seemed to be quite fresh as there was no damage at the reef yet. As I was down there with a child I could do nothing but cut a butterfly fish free who was already caught and report the net to my colleges in the evening. I was glad to hear that they were willing to help me to get the net out of the reef. Another day after we finished our dives with the students we got a boat to Labas. After a few minutes under water our group of 5 found the net and started to remove it. For me it was the first time to be involved in such a project. I was surprised how much the situation had changed within the 2 days since I spotted the net. It was caught in table and staghorn corrals which made it difficult to remove. Hydroids started to grow all along the nylon stings. For one hour all 5 of us where busy cutting, rolling up and collecting bits of the net. In the end we got about 20kg of material out of the reef. It was a great feeling to make a difference – no matter how small it might be.
Divers are the only people who have access to the beautiful world down in the ocean. It is our responsibility to take care and to report. We dive to enjoy, but conserving the reefs should be the highest priority. If you are a diver as well – please keep that in your mind! Don’t touch, break or tease any marine life. Take a plastic bags and pieces of nets with you if you find some on your dive.
All together we can make a difference!


2 thoughts on “Get the net

  1. my dearest astrid! thanks for your inspiring, wonderful posts, which cause the distinctive wish to join you :-)!
    i’m really proud of you and of what you do. your courage and determination are remarkable. big hugs and love from a cold foggy vienna!

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