Leaving Tioman

The end of the saison comes close. For the last 2 weeks I just wanted to dive as much as somehow possible. As staff I have the possibility to dive alone as often as I want when I’m free of work. After working almost every day for the last months I wanted to enjoy and explore on my own without the responsibility for any beginners.
Unluckily I got a bit sick. Problems with my sinuses kept me out of the water for many days. One day of diving with reverse block, bleeding nose and an enormous head ache that I almost cried under water was enough. On land I felt good which made me a bit frustrated. I wanted to dive and for the very first time I just was not able to.
So I explored a bit of the island. In the 4 months on Tioman I got to know way more of the under water world then above. Now I hiked in the jungle and had a day trip with Keith on his and Tamars tandem bicylcle. They came all the way from London and our ways crossed already in Kirgistan two years ago. Both became professional divers as well and for some months we were colleges on Tioman Island. For the rest of the time I hang around, read, planned and got bored a bit.
The more it was a pleasure when I was finally able to dive again after a week. Some more work with students… and finally some really enjoyable dives only with my colleges or alone.
Time goes on and suddenly it is the last day of diving. We close the dive center. Most of my colleges go home over the monsoon saison and come back to work here in January.
I will leave to go on with my journey. I look forward to live and write about new adventures. The bicycle is calling for me! 😀


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