Lots of fun and anger

A week after B&J Diving Centre closed for the rainy saison many of my colleges met again in the A Famosa Resort in Malakka. Our team had a 2 days company trip there. We stayed in two villas with privat pools in the middle of a huge park area. All around were different funparks. On the first day we went to the shooting rage to play paintball. Was great fun! In the end the mosquitos won and we had to leave the field fast. Also we tried to shoot with bow and arrow, had a great poker night and a wild time in the water park. There they had various slides to explore. Especially the “Ice cone” made us scream. On a big tube four of us were almost free falling into a funnel shaped slide. Also we had delicious meals and a relaxing time together in Malakka. It could have been a pure positive experiance if not a very annoying incident happened. When we came back to the villas on the second afternoon one college missed a neglace. Alarmed we checked our rooms and had to find out that money was missing from our wallets. We had some dissappointing conversations with a manager, the “resort police” and finally the real police. It occured what I observed already many times in Asia. Costumer service is non existing and the responsibility is pushed from one side to the other. They hide behind their rules and wait until the customers leave. In total it was not even a big amount of money. But instead of just replacing it they brought us two baskets of fruits. I wonder if they have them already prepared for cases like that? I don’t want to waste my energy for being angry. Even though this annoying experience it was a good trip and nice reward after an intensive saison at Tioman.


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