On the road again!

I spent three days in Kuala Lumpur. I like this chaotic city a lot! Food is awsome, the skyline at night lookes great and every time I’m there I spend great time with different friends. When I flew to Bali afterwards I arrived in the dark. I could not wait to go to Ubud, where my bicyce was stored. After my driver left me in the centre of Ubud at midnight I wondered if that has been a good idea.
The roads were empty except for a few passing motorbikes. Everything was closed and looked different in the dark. My orientation was gone. A guy offered me to bring me to his guesthouse which would be a bit out of town. I joined him on the motorbike but the “guesthouse” turned out to be his private home. I was not surprised when he tried to enter my locked room at 3am. We had an annoying discussion until I grabed my bag and just left him behind. I started to walk back to Ubud. When I passed an abandoned Hindu temple I decided that this should be my place for the night.
Next morning I woke up with a big smile on my face. It took me almost two hours to walk back to Ubud and I had some nice conversations with local people on the way. I passed beautiful rice terasses and forests, small villages and markets. When I found my guesthouse they welcomed me warm. I was exited and happy to see, that all my equipment was in good condition. Just the bicycle itself has suffered from the long storage. One tire was flat and a lot of spokes were broken. As they had been in bad condition before I had new sets with me already. It took me several hours per wheel to replace the spokes properly but I really enjoyed working at my bicycle. After two days everything was washed, aerated and fixed.
Then once more I loaded my bicycle and restarted the journey. It was an undescribable pleasure to be on the bike again. I could not stop laughing and singing. It felt like coming home. Back home into my travelling life!


2 thoughts on “On the road again!

  1. Hi Astrid!
    Nice to know that nothing “that bad” has happen at the “guesthouse”. And nice that you are again on the road, because at the end… well, you know. At the end the road is the target. Therefor there is nothing nicer to be again at the road. I can understand your mood, i.e. singing and laughing. I’ve experienced the same although we both know that there are some terrible days while biking. But if we do not have these awful days we also lose something to tell. Singing and laughing is because we are alive and the bikes made us alive. I am already planning the next trip for the next summer. Probably Istanbul via Dubrovnik, Albania (who knows). I might ask you and Gerd for advice.
    I will love to meet you again, of course, at the road 🙂

  2. I fully agree with you! The road is the target and travelling on the bicycle is pure adventure and life! If you need information about the way to Istanbul via Dubrovnik, let me know…

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