Language school on Lombok

Most of the touristic spots on Lombok are located along the coast while I crossed the island from one harbour in the West (Lembar) to the other one in the East (Labhuan Lombok). Cycling off the touristic paths have several impacts: You are an alien and get all the possible attention. In Indonesia that means that people scream at you “Hello Mister! Where you go?” all day long. Off the touristic track you find all kinds of local food. I usually eat rice three times per day here, sometimes with tempe, sometimes with vegetables but always spicy. When I have to fix anything on the bicycle a crowd of curious men gather around me and watch every move. Everybody wants to take photos and everybody have the same 10 questions which I answer already in a kind of autopilot in Indonesian language.
The more I was surprised when Gede drove his motorbike beside me and asked me in quite good English if I could come to visit his school. First he brought me to his village where Nia, his wife took care of me. I had a nice shower in an outdoor bath surrounded by banana plants. After some tee and the obligatory photo shots I joined the afternoon classes from Gedes English school. The children were 8 to 13 years old and different shy and capable of English. We sat all together on a carpet and I asked them for their names, how many brothers and sisters they have and stuff like that. At the end we made photos together and I joined Gede in the next class. Here young adults practiced their language skills but they were even more shy. Only 16 year old Dana had a bubbly conversation with me which was funny and interesting at the same time. I’m sure, she will make her way – she have the right energy to achive anything she want! Fatima was way more quiet but also knew what she wants. She is my age, still single and happy about it. That is very unusual here! Fatimas plans are to study English and to open a small resturant on Bali then.
Gede and his friends said they will pray for us to get husbands soon. We just shook our heads in agreement and laughed. No need for that!


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