Island life

I was on the dive boat to Kanawa Island where my close friends Lorena and Martin manage the branch of Flores Diving Centre. Martin was temporarily on the Gilis to do his Instructor course.
Lorena was there and waited already unpatient on the pier of the small island. We fell in each others arms and the time seemed to stop for a while. Then we went diving in one of the hotspots of the world: Komodo National Park !
I was impressed! Beautiful reefs full of life! Colourful corrals, lots of different sharks,manta rays, nudibranches, octopus, mantishrimp, turtles. Wherever I had a look, I could see something going on. I fully agree with the divers who said they got spoiled by diving at Komodo.
The time out of the water I spend on Kanawa Island. This small place is surrounded by pretty reefs and at dawn young blacktip reefsharks come out of the mangroves to hunt. To hike to the highest mountain of the island takes about 15min. There is only one junction on the way: left side to the sunset viewpoint, right way to the sunrise. There is one restaurant, one dive centre and a few bungalows. Lorena and Martin live in a small pavilions of 4 square meters. As walls they have bamboo rollos, inside is a matress and a moscito net. I loved that simple place to sleep in!
All the day I spend outside, talking to people, snorkeling, preparing firewood for the evenings bonfire and of course with diving.

Then came the 8th of December, mine and Lorenas birthday! Same as last year in Thailand we got spoiled with an amazing massage before we met in a colleges house to have a big party. We want to make a tradition out of meeting somewhere on the world for that day!

Short before I had to leave again Martin arrived to the main island Flores where I picked him up in Labuhan Bajo. To see him again made me so happy as well! Together we returned to Kanawa island for one more day.

The beauty of travelling is all the new experiances. The weak point is the farewell. After an amazing time I left my friends behind to be on the road again…


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