I left Indonesia by plane. I was very lucky to find a bicycle box in Labhuan Bajo and was surprised that my bike really fit in. On the airport checking in was easy but at the stop over in Bali I was told that a mistake has happened and my luggage was not where it was supposed to. In the end they found the bags short before the plane to Singapore left.
I was glad when I had all my stuff together on the airport in Singapore.
I fixed the bicycle in the middle of the night, slept in the airport arrival hall and left at sunrise. First I had to take a highway but soon I could switch to a bicycle and walking track along the coast which was really pretty. Singapore is so clean, organised and regulated compared to anywhere else in Asia!
On that path I came close to the city centre. I enjoyed the sea beside me and the trees, flowers and birds. There was infrastructure as along European cycling paths. Benches, toilets, restaurants, maps,… Many locals used this recreational area for cycling, jogging, sitting around for a chat. All of a sudden a huge construction area blocked the trail. So I swiched back to the highway and soon after I arrived to Marina Bay. Thats the centre where the impressive and surreal skyline from Singapore is visible. For me it was such a strong contrast as I had been on a tiny and remote Indonesian island just 24h before…
On main roads I went parallel to the coast to the Second Link to Malaysia. On both bridges between Singapore and Malaysia there is a huge motorbike traffic jam every day. Malaysian workers on their way home… I joined in and it took at least an hour to reach the first checkpoint. They asked me to park the bicycle and to talk to the officers as it is not allowed to cycle here. First it seemed they would not let me cross the border here. But in my head this was no option at all. It was night already and there was industrial area all around. The other border station was far away and in the contratictive direction. I was glad when I could convince them to let me cross the border in a truck.
As soon as I entered Malaysia I built my tent in the shadows of the trees along the highway. In the next days I would cycle North to Melaka.


One thought on “Singapore

  1. Hi Astrid, I’ve just read the last few months worth of your blog entries – they’re great !! Just like having you tell me the story in person, it was lovely!! Keep safe, hope to see you again sometime,

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