Visiting home

I’m living as a traveller for almost three years. Many months I worked at different places, others I was alone or with a buddy on the road, pedaling to te next destination. Many people asked me if I have changed since I left home in spring 2012.
I gained a lot of experiances of course but did I change in the core?
Now I had the chance to find out as I visited my home country, friends and family back in Austria for one month. As soon as the plane started to sink, I noticed the landscapes. I knew names for rivers, mountains and villages. Everything was familiar and strage at the same time. “Where are the green palmoil fields? It is so brown and grey here!”, crossed my mind. When I left the plane I was flashed by the German texts, signs and conversations around me. Everything was so clean!
My family and some close friends waited at the airport. “What are you doing here? What am I doing here???”, was in my head. It took a few days until I got used to the Austrian surroundings again. Then I could start to meet people and organise things.
The strange feeling of being on the wrong place stayed but I enjoyed the advantages of my situation. Never I felt surrounded by such a luxery than in that month. Bathrooms, kitchen, even the streets seemed so clean and shiny. Many comfort things I did not want to use any more. Hightech kitchen devices stunned me same as the selection of body care products I saw in different bathrooms. I noticed that my life is simple and basic compared to that. A piece of soap was sometimes all that I carried with me on the bicycle. For body, hair, dishes and cloth. This month Austria I lived a different lifestyle though. I went out to go dancing, did martial arts, met family, friends and new friends. On different places I did presentations of my journey and as I talked about it I could not wait to go on. Happy and full of warm experiances I left my home country afterwards to come back to Malaysia. There is so much more to explore…


4 thoughts on “Visiting home

  1. Hi Astrid,

    Happy to hear from your new article ‘visiting home’ which is very strange to me as I thought you are going back to your home town that you have left for about three years.

    Cheers & Happy Chinese New Year.

  2. Just read some old entries in my own blog and remembered the time in Koh Kood. It was wonderful. I hope so much that you’re doing fine and would love to see you again one day. From this week on: At least I’ve got a suitable bike :-). I’m looking so much forward to the first trip. Enjoy your time!

  3. Just read some old posts on my own blog and remembered the week in Koh Kood, where I met you. I so much hope that you’re doing well and would love to see you again one day. At least, I finally have got a suitable bike 🙂
    Take care and enjoy your time!

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