Life on Perhentian Islands – Start of the Saison

In January/February 2015 I visited Austria for one month. Back in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia I felt happy and looked forward to the future, whatever that would be. At that point I was in contact with several dive centres in Malaysia and Indonesia. Also I was exited about going back to my bicycle trip, either to New Zealand or to South America. I litteraly had no clue, what continent I would be for the next time. First I enjoyed meeting several friends in KL. Anna and Lee from Ombak divers I met for the first time on the small island Kanawa in Indonesia. In Kuala Lumpur I decided to follow them to Perhentian Kecil, an island in the North of Malaysia to be part of the dive crew of Ombak divers. When I realized that another friend from Indonesia would join I knew that the 4 of us would make a strong team. Dozens of dives and many courses later, more than 4 weeks working straight 12 hours per day, 7 days per week we are still in great mood and happy to be here. Our team grew by another instructor and together we manage our every day challenges in an efficient way. Diving is like a drug for me. I love to be back in the blue world. Exploring reefs, boat rides over the ocean, the island covered with jungle and white beaches als a home base. Also I see many chances to grow on this place and can count on the support of my colleges. The atmosphere is good. I look forward to spend several months here!


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