Tenggol Island

Soon after I quit my job on Perhentian Islands I got an invitation to visit Tenggol Coral beach resort. The small island Tenggol is relatively unknown and I was curious to go there and explore the island as well as the underwater world.
When the speedboat approached the island I noticed that is was quite small and way more rocky then I expected. There was only one sandy beach. That was where the boat stopped, directly infront of the restaurant of the resort.
Soon after a warm welcome we prepared to go in the water. Diving at Tenggol island impressed me. The reefs seemed untouched and there was a wide viarity of healthy corals and marine life. Many customers came here with underwater cameras as there is a lot to see. Dive sites are not particular challenging even though currents can occur.
The dive centre is easy going and everybody had a lot of fun. As there was not anything else to do but diving, enjoying the beach and the delicios food everybody basically spent the entire time together. So people came in contact quite fast and the atmosphere was good.
I really enjoyed the few days I spend on Tenggol Island.
Thanks to the staff over there and hope to see you again!


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