Before I leave that side of the world my former travelling partner Gerd Mueller and I wanted to reunite. I have plans to go to South America and he is on a long trip around Australia. We met each other on the airport in Darwin and went by campervan in the surrounding National Parks.
In Northern Terretory has a heritage of Aboriginal culture up th 60.000 years ago. Special for this area is that the Aborigilas own the land and rent it to the state for National Parks.
For me it was amazing when I arrived to Australia. Red soil underneath my bare feed, flat bushland all over only interrupted by impessive sandsone cliffs which are art galleries for hundreds of generations of Aborigines.
Kakadu National Park is well organiced and offers a viarity of activities. Gerd and I joined several guided walks where plenty of infornation was given about nature, culture, climate and the actual and ancient Aborigines way of life. Their storys are the laws of the land and are represented by their dances, music and language.
Stories about spirits and mimis buit up a whole universum of understanding the land and life in a completly different way.
I loved to see the aboundence of birds everyhere, wallabies and aslo crocodiles which were just a few meters away from our cage-like boat.
Gerd and I had a far more easy camping life in the van as 3 years before by bike and tent. Nice and relaxing but I long to go back to the rough and simple life of a longdistance cyclist. Soon… in Patagonia!


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