Entering Patagonia

This morning I felt more awake and strong then yesterday. I have had an amazing time in Bahia Blanca. Not a lot of sleep though as a week was hardly enough time to enjoy my new friendships over there.
So I started to ride again with a huge lack of sleep and a cold which made me feel weak on the bike. The first day I just crashed into the first possible campsite to sleep. The second I still spend more time on my matress then on the bicycle.
Today when I woke up directly beside the remote dirt road I felt a bit of strengh again. Nothing was there, just a few birds and cows at the horizon. I was hungry. My outdoor stove was not working properly and so I missed my dinner yesterday. I did not want to push the limits and gave up on the idea of cycling 300km further on that dirtroad without a single village. I did not have the resources at the moment.
It were still quite a few km cycling over a sandy track to cross back to the main road. After 40km I reached a junction to a village which was a few km to the left. There was an aboundend gas station and restaurant. While I hestitated what to do a car stopped and the driver invited me for lunch at the restaurant. It was open though it looked like closed for 10 years. Pasta, Cola and Flan let me gain fresh energy and I came into an amusing conversation with the truckdrivers. My Spanish gets better every day!
When I went on I soon got stopped by another car. If I needed anything? Jorge and his wife gave me a sandwich and all their best wishes before they went on.
I felt better now, more strong and motivated by all the drivers who past my bicycle waving and greeting. Then I crossed the provincial border to La Pampa.
I was entering Patagonia now!!! With a smile on my face I went on until I reached another junction to a village where I decided to spend the night. But there was no village just an aboundend ranch where I found water to was my shirt and myself. Beside the entrance I build my tent and made a small campfire to cook as I could not use the stove. Only one car passed, an older man who said I should not be scared of the noises at night, its just the animals.
Soon the stars were shining bright over my campside. I was turning around in the middle of the street. I was alone. Every day people ask: “Are you not afraid?” “Are you not lonely?” I’m laughing, the stars all around me. No, I don’t miss anything! What a life…


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