Whales, Orcas, Pinguins

At the west coast of Patagonia there is a huge peninsular which is a place worth to visit for its flora and fauna. The shallow waters are a kindergarden for right whales, pinguins, sea lions and sea elephants. Sometimes killer whales pass by, there are ostrichs and armadillos, guinea pigs and much more.
I wanted to see that!!
The whole plan of my journey south was influenced by this idea and I made quite a detour for that. The afternoon I arrived to the entrance of the natural park my mood was still down. I found out that the Peninsular Valdez is not very bicycle friendly. The distances are huge and there is only one village where it is allowed to spend the night. It was still 60km away. I could not make it that day and spend a rainy night camping in a hidden but uncomfy place. When I arrived to the village early in the morning it was stormy, rainy, cold and everything was closed.
I build the tent on the campsite and waited for better times. They came. Later that day I enjoyed my time with a German couple who travel by 4×4 and a German woman who go by motorbike. We walked to a close by view point together.
There were right wales coming to surface to breath, sea lions and sea elephantes laying in the sun. While dinner we decided to go for a round trip by the 4×4 on the next day.
The dusty graveled road had huge distances between the highlights. By bicycle I would not have been able to go there. So I was grateful and lucky to join my new friends.
It was amazing to pass by a dry salt lake which gave a scenery like a snow covered landscape. On another place we went over a nature trail and finally saw pinguines far away walking over the shore in pairs. Later on we passed a breeding site of them where they ran around just a meter of the trail taking care of their nests.
After a nice picknick we went to the most northern point of Peninsular Valdez where we had the luck of the day!! A group of Orcas passed by, jumped and exhaled a spray of water before the disappered in the distance.
On the long way home we passed a car crash which gave the end of the day a heavy character. A young woman probably broke her sholder and a man had pain in his arm. We helped and waited until the ambulance came. Toughtful but grateful the day ended.


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