Torres del Paine

Apperantly “A must have” if you are in this part of the world…
Trekking the world famous Nacional Park Torres del Paine. Overflouded by people in the high saison…
Moritz and I arrived at the end of the summer when the temperatures drop and the days are shorter.
Honestly we were really not sure if we should go, but the only way to find out is trying.
Also we decided to go seperated ways soon and the 150km trekking should be our fairwell tour.
We brought limited food for about 10 days, packed minimalistic and took the afternoon bus from Natales to the administration.
We walked in the less used trail to the camp Paine Grande where we entered “the O” the O shaped loop surrounding the mountain range. Our first few days we spend in the part where “the O” and “the W”, the shorter trail overlap. Hundred tents shocked us, even in low saison!!!
Our moral suffered from the party feeling, crowded campsides and restricted areas. We even fell in a bad habit of toping up our food by buying over priced pasta or cookies just because outhers did it as well. I was woundering about myself.
Still I have to say that the loop was extreamly beautiful natural wise and the people we shared time with turned out to be very nice.
I understand that it is necesary to control such a crowded national park close. As well for nature as well for hikers.
That makes it the safest place for non experianced wanderers which I have ever seen, in a beautiful environment and with options of one to 10 days of hiking. A paradise for beginners!
But it was hard for me to get the vibe of nature…
Next time more remote again! 🙂


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