Attacked by a sheep!

Moritz and I were about to separate. We had the last few days of cycling together, spend long evenings sitting and cooking infront of tent, talking, watching the dark sky full of star constellations of the southern hemisphere.
Finally we approached to the junction which would lead us to different directions. It was a sentimental moment after cycling, hiking, living together for four months.
It was lunchtime and we were not in a hurry. Eating, chatting, having mate together the time passed. Then a sheep appeared and Moritz and I found it quite cute, fluffy and trustful as it seemed to be.
Not minding to be cuttled it kept standing there looking around. Then it started walking towards my bicycle, scratching its head at my front rack. I got slightly nervous as the bicycle seemed tiny and fragil compared to the big sheep.
It stepped back, lowerd the head and in a fast movement pushed it aggressivly against my front wheel!
“Hey!!!” I shouted and lead the sheep away from the bike as it seemed to attack it further. The whole situation swtiched in a moment and aggressively the sheep started to attack Moritz and me!
After an itchy minute we made it into the bus stop hut, laughing in disbelieve. Everything cooled down as we hid in the house observing how the sheep started to feed on grass. We were relieved for the moment.

But then it came towards the bikes again, attacking with pushes of its heavy head and chewing the tires.
We had to get out of there! To rescue the bikes, our loyal partners of our on-the-road-lifes, from a crazy sheep!
I made it to jump on the bike and push it away even though the chain has fallen of. Moritz bike was laying down and he had no chance to be fast enough. He was swiching between rescuing himself and protecting his bike. I heard him shouting, left my bike in safe distance and ran back to him, the trecking poles in my hands as the only weapons I found quickliy.

Attracting the sheeps attention, keeping it in safe distance with the poles I gave Moritz the moment he needed to jump on his bike as well.
Full of adrenalin we escaped the situation.

200m further we looked into each others eyes and hugged for a long time.
It was time to say goodbye to a close friend another time. I felt sad and sentimental. Our friendship had comforted me and teached me a lot. It will go on of course. But it would change from him being around all the time to some messages which we would type every now and then if the internet connection allows it. Everything comes to an end one day. I feel happy, strong and confident, travelling alone.
Farewell still hurts. That is the real price of travelling!


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