Exploring food

In the far south of fireland, Chile

Me:Do you like Luche? (A marine algae, Ulva rigida, Porphyra columbiana)
Him: Yeah, it is delicious!
Me: Today I went to collect it. I have a lot. Would you like to have some?
Him: Yes, great! But how to prepare it?
Me: You can fry it in a pan with onions until it is soft and then add preboiled potatos.
Him: Do you have Luche in Austria as well?
Me (laughing): No, we don’t even have a coast!
Him: But how do you know about it then…?
Me: A fisherman of the region showed it to me.
Him: That means, when you go back to Austria, you will never eat Luche again?
Me: Probably not…

I thought of so many delicious meals I had tried and probably never will have a chance to eat again.
But then I remembered that I read somewhere that Luche is exported to Japan. There they use it to wrap sushi.
So probably I will eat Luche again later.
The Chilian algae in a Japanese restaurant back in Europe one day.
Globalised world…


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