Visiting my country

I was up to the mountain range around Cordoba in Argentina when I received a message from my father that my aunt had died on a stroke this day.
All the family would come together for the funeral which was going to happen in 2 weeks.
Feeling sad and longing to be with them I decided spontaneously to skip all plans for the next weeks and fly to Austria. The Argentinian man I was with at that moment through over his plans as well to join me. We bought the tickets and celebrated the decision to go to Europa with pizza and wine.
Weeks later, when the plane was about to land in Vienna, I still couldn’t believe to be there. And even less, that Gerardo was at my side. How crazy!

What followed was an intense month. After the funeral it was full of visits, activities and joyful exploring the city, countryside and food.

In the beginning everything seemed overly perfect, artificial. After a short time for me the strange feeling passed and I purely enjoyed the company of my friends and family members. For Gerardo it sometimes still felt like a journey in the future.

Time flew. Coming back to Argentina a month later we were grateful for the experience we have had.


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