Jungle trails

After a saison of diving on Koh Kood, a layed back island in Thailand, it was time for me to go deeper into nature again. My friend Gerardo and I went to the Klong Chao waterfall, a touristic hotspot of the island. But instead of swimming in the natural pool under the waterfall, we climbed the steep slope full of dense vegetation. Red ants were running over our arms leaving itchy bites behind. "Welcome to the jungle!"


In high mountain ranges

Our next project was to cross the "SerranĂ­as de Famatina", the highest American mountain range outside of the Andies. Again we left with little information but enough food to deal with some obstacles on he way. Our hike started from a walnut tree plantage close to the village Famatina, who's owners had invited us for … Continue reading In high mountain ranges

San Guillermo – The forbidden national park

Back in Argentina my partner Gerardo and I were interested in going to remote places close to the Andes mountain range in the North of the country. The National Park San Guillermo was calling our atencion. Starting with 25kg backpacks we left Angualasto, the last village, walking North. Our expectation and mood was a bit … Continue reading San Guillermo – The forbidden national park