Elephant Valley Project

For visiting the Elephant Valley Project I totaly changed the original plans for the trip in Cambodia. But it was worth the efforts!
By cycling through a country you are always highly aware of the surrounding environment. In Cambodia slashed and burned areas dominated the landscape. But in Mondolkiri, the far and remote East of Cambodia the Jungle still exists!

Jack Highwood is the founder and manager of E.L.I.E (Elephant Livelihood Initiative Environment) and the Elephant Valley Project. He does a great job on conserving the junge and supporting the working elephants of the surrounding villages. By offering knowledge, medicine and job opportunities Jack Highwood and his team reduce the pressure on the remaining working elephants. In the Elephant Valley Project abused elephants get the opportunity to live close to nature again.

Visitors of the Project join the elephants on their foraging in the jungle. As some of the animales never learned natural behavior it is nessasary to support them at their bathing session in the river.
The guides and mahouts of the Elephant Valley Project offer a lot of information to the tourists.
But even more valuable is their commitment to educate the local communities!

If you are interested about the Elephant Valley Project, please have a look at:


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