Organic Farm Vang Vieng

On my way from Luang Prabang to Vientiane I passed the Organic Farm which is located a bit in the North of Vang Vieng. First I was only interested in a peaceful place to rest for two days after I crossed the wild and mountainous North of Laos by bicycle.

But when I arrived to the place I learned that it is the base of quite a lot of great projects!
It is not only a sustainable organised farm but also a training centre for local farmers to learn ecological techniques. Students from the agricultural university of Vientiane have internships there as well.

Beside the agricultural part the Organic farm makes big efforts to educate the children in the surrounding area. For example they organised a school bus when they reallized how many children didn’t attend school because of a lack of transport possibilities.
The Organic Farm Vang Vieng also offers English lessons for the local inhabitants.

I stayed at this inspiring place for a week and volonteered on the farm. That was great fun for me!
I learned a lot about ecofarming as well as the every days life in Laos.


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