Partners Relief and Development

I came in contact with PARTNERS RELIEF AND DEVELOPMENT via my former travel partner Gerd Müller. He was in contact with HUMEDICA for a long time which supports PARTNERS RELIEF AND DEVELOPMENT.

When we arrived to Thailand, we visited the office in Mae Sot. Located in Thailand PARTNERS RELIEF AND DEVELOPMENT supports the people in Burma. The ceasefire in 2012 was just the first step on a long way to achive a better life for them.

Especially in remote areas there is neither health care nor education provided. We met a 13 years old girl who almost died on Tuberculoses. Men of her home village escorted her on a 6 days hike through the jungle until they reached the closest infrastructure to bring her to the hospital in Mae Sot. There PARTNERS RELIEF AND DEVELOPMENT took care of her for several months until she slowly recoverd.

Also Gerd and I got the chance to visit a refugee camp on the border between Thailand and Burma. PARTNERS RELIEF AND DEVELOPMENT care for
children who had to leave their families as life in the refugee camp is still safer than in their home villages.

Beside that PARTNERS RELIEF AND DEVELOPMENT has interesting agricultural and other projects.

Gerd and I raised money for PARTNERS RELIEF AND DEVELOPMENT before we came to visit their projects. When we arrived we were impressed by the broad way they offer support to the Burmese people beyond the border.

Have a glance on their homepage:


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