SOS Children’s Villages

My contact to SOS Children’s Villages happened accidentally when I met a German teacher of the Herman Gmeiner School in Bishkek.

At that time I overwintered with my travel partner Gerd in Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan for three month. We volonteered to join the German lessons as native speakers and got a very good contact to the German teachers as well as to the students of the Herman Gmeiner school.

In this school the children of the SOS Children’s Village of Bishkek are educated together with childrens from usual families. When two girls guided us through their new home I was stunned by the warmhearted idea behind the SOS Children’s Village.

It is not only a place to survive for abounded children. The SOS Children’s Village is a community where children get a mother, brothers and sisters. The SOS families live in a small houses which are build in a big circle and surround a common playing field.

Frequently the community celebrates events together. During my winter in Bishkek I joined the Christmas celebration and the 14th anniversary. At the presented fotos, videos, dancing performances,… I saw countless bright-eyed children. The memory of their joyfull laughers and warmhearted interaction still make me smile!

In Siem Reap, Cambodia I saw another SOS Children’s Village which seemed to have the same spirit even though I just gained a short impression over there.

In my opinion the SOS Children’s Villages are an amazing organisation which is really worth to support!

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