Nobody on this world can exist totaly on his own. Even though my bicycle journey is privat financed I welcome every support from others.
If you find my project worth to support or would like to have your products tested on functionality and longterm resistence please do not hesitate to contact me!



Adidas Eyewear generously supported me and my former travelling partner with optical sports sunglasses. I got  the Evil Eye Halfrim S inluding dark and bright glasses. Since I got it I wore it almost every day on the bicycle. They fit well to the shape of my face and do a great job on protecting … Continue reading Adidas EYEWEAR


SQlab supported me with the proper saddle for such a bicycle trip! They offered me SQlab 604 Trekking Saddle which is designed for long distance ride and regular use. After 10000km on the road I still have the same opinion as on the first day: Great saddle for such a project! I never had any problems … Continue reading SQlab


I have been using Carinthia sleeping bags since 10 years. First in the Alps for mountaineering in all four seasons. Later on my bicycle journey around the world. A sleeping bag is something you have to trust in and you have to feel comfortable with. My Carinthia down sleeping bag EC 1000 kept me warm, camping in high altitudes in … Continue reading Carinthia

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