Sumbawa island

The deck of the car ferry to Sumbawa island reminded me of an alpine house sleeping room. People resting beside each other in a big room full of bunk beds. The ferry is run 24h per day. During the transfer it got dark and when I arrived to Poto Tano on Sumbawa I was keen … Continue reading Sumbawa island



Bali is the most touristic island in Indonesia. I was curious about this island as I have heard a lot about it. Theo and I spend some days cycling along the North and East coast. Sometimes we passed places with interesting spots for scuba diving. There developed a whole infrastructure of shops, guesthouses, restaurants and … Continue reading Bali

In the jungle

After crossing the Thai-Malaysian border I was keen on being in the mountains again. I followed the highway until the first village where I could organise Malaysian Ringgit and adapters for the plugs. Then I turned to the East and cycled for a few days through farmland and villages before the surrounding area turned into … Continue reading In the jungle