Island life

I was on the dive boat to Kanawa Island where my close friends Lorena and Martin manage the branch of Flores Diving Centre. Martin was temporarily on the Gilis to do his Instructor course. Lorena was there and waited already unpatient on the pier of the small island. We fell in each others arms and … Continue reading Island life


Sumbawa island

The deck of the car ferry to Sumbawa island reminded me of an alpine house sleeping room. People resting beside each other in a big room full of bunk beds. The ferry is run 24h per day. During the transfer it got dark and when I arrived to Poto Tano on Sumbawa I was keen … Continue reading Sumbawa island


Bali is the most touristic island in Indonesia. I was curious about this island as I have heard a lot about it. Theo and I spend some days cycling along the North and East coast. Sometimes we passed places with interesting spots for scuba diving. There developed a whole infrastructure of shops, guesthouses, restaurants and … Continue reading Bali