Life on Perhentian Islands – Start of the Saison

In January/February 2015 I visited Austria for one month. Back in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia I felt happy and looked forward to the future, whatever that would be. At that point I was in contact with several dive centres in Malaysia and Indonesia. Also I was exited about going back to my bicycle trip, either to … Continue reading Life on Perhentian Islands – Start of the Saison


Back in the countryside

After I left Tioman Island I met my Malaysian friend Aidy again. In the meantime he works in Kuala Lumpur and together we went on an 8h bus ride to Jeli where his family lives. In my post "More than hospitality" I described how his grad family almost adopted me, when I passed their house … Continue reading Back in the countryside

In the jungle

After crossing the Thai-Malaysian border I was keen on being in the mountains again. I followed the highway until the first village where I could organise Malaysian Ringgit and adapters for the plugs. Then I turned to the East and cycled for a few days through farmland and villages before the surrounding area turned into … Continue reading In the jungle