Happy new year to everybody!!! Thailand celebrated New Year in the last few days.
Every day I was soaking wet and full of powder!
Songkran is a festival full of joy and nobody is safe of the water. Teenagers block the road and wait with full buckets for cars and motorbikes. Pick-ups full of Thais pass by and everybody has a waterpistol ready to shoot. Improvised street kitchens, loud music and dancing people everywhere. Amazing atmosphere!
As there are almost no farangs (foreigners) in the region I was a big sensation for them when I came along on my bicycle. “Stop, stop!!!” they shouted and prepared baby powder mixed with water to put it into my face. Looks funny, even more on their faces as they have much darker skin. Soon the next Pick-up pass by to splashed me all over with water and I was almost clean again…