A remote place

The most eastern point of my trip in Uruquay was Cabo Polonia, a village surrounded by sand dunes and the rough Atlantic ocean. Until recently the place was not connected to external water and electricity supply. No road leads there, an access by boat is difficult as well. The only chance to get there is by a special type of truck which is capeable to climb the sand dunes or by a powerful 4 wheel drive. In summer the place is apparently quite touristic. Now it was quiet and almost aboundent. Not many people live in Cabo Polonia permanently. Those who do must know all the different shapes of dunes and crippled trees by heart. When I left the village after 2 days a teenage girl was at the 6am truck as well. She seemed to be on her way to school to the next town. She was busy with the smartphone in her manicured hands had fancy clothes and styled hair. The scene made a surreal impression on me as we crossed a dessert in a rumplicg truck.
I imagined how it would have been for me to grow up in such an environment.
Probably a dream for kids, a difficult place for teenagers and a quiet place for adults.
What do you think?


One day in Uruquay

Yesterday night I arrived to the cattle farm of Cotys family. It is a peaceful place 20km North of the historic town Colonia del Sarcamento. I got the contact over couchsurfing and Daniel from Mexico stayed here as well. The three of us had a long night yesterday so we got up late.
After a nice breakfast on the terrace, Daniel and Coty started to work on the walls of the house. I took my time to maintain a few things on my bicycle. Since a long time the lights did not work. I had to fiddle new cables into the inside of the frame.
Cotys brother helped me with this delicate work. Now I’m happy to have the lights working again as streets are totally dark here as soon as the sun goes down.
I also maintained the gasoline stove and other small things. It was a relaxing day and it passed by fast. In the evening some friends came over and we started a fire at the parilla – the typical Argentinian and Uruguayan barbecue place.
The nights are fresh but close to the big fire it is warm and cozy. On the grid we prepared pizzas, burgers, sausages and fainá.
One of Cotys friends who came by told us about his sailing boat. Soon we all decided to skip our plans for the next day to have a sailing trip together. Until late in the night we sat around the fire place and exchanged stories about working and travelling all over the world.

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